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Essential Oils Craze!

I am in love with essential oils! I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first, and not about it. But that has changed, my friend! Once you become in sync with your body from what you wear, eat, drink you start to know your body reaction to certain things. When I feel something coming, treating it right away with tea, or essentials oils works right away for me.

doTERRA is my go-to! I live for the Respiratory blend, and Lavender. This post is mostly an introduction essential oils, and my preference but I do plan to dive more into the different types of oils, and its benefits! Stay tuned for more! ** I’ve been making a lot of skincare products with essential oils, can’t wait to share those soon!

Do you use any essential oils?! If so, which ones, and how!? πŸ™‚


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lover of all things plants, and wellness. veganism has been my longest commitment as of date (six years) - you can totes trust me! 🌿🌻. I love educating others about the importance of balance, and healthier habits. Don't be afraid, follow along!

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